Wow what a cool morning. I think it rained while I was sleeping.I am making breakfast for Lil one and washing laundry. Heh! Yesterday I bought some beautiful lau baskets, seronok betul when I can sort dirty laundry.ha ha. Little things like that that can make me happy, funny!!

Another lil thing that make me smile in the morning is their snoring ,look up and I can hear him snoring musically..heh,marah dia kalau tau I blog about it. And when I check Lil one's room temp in the morning, there's snoring too. Hmm.. Life little pleasures.

On another note : things have been on the quiet side on family's side.hoping for things to look on a brighter side. Pray thay everyone's involved a blessed speedy solution and recovery.

Today,bestie and I have another mission to accomplish. Hopefully everything goes well.

After that we might go and visit another bestie in her new home. Belum sampai kaki ke mahligai dia, I know its gorgeous.

Okdokes, have a good tuesday People. I will insya ALLAH.


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