This morning I woke up suddenly when lil one's friend came over.They've planned a playdate.
Hubby and I went out to eat and grocery shopping after sending the kids to their friends house.
Got back home,kemas rumahhhhhhhhhh washed two loads of laundry and now I am getting ready to go to the gym.
Yeah very homely Sunday for us today.


Uncle Lee said…
Hi Ibu, good for you going to gym.
Yes, nothing like keeping fit.Areyou drinking Chinese green tea? If not start, as Chinese tea, green tea, Japanese Sen Cha takes away the oil in our foods and body....
Good for slimming.
Two loads of laundry? You ada football team ke rumsh?
Ha ha.
Have fun, stay young.
Senang datang, ya.
Ha ha Uncle Lee,thank you for the suggestion,I was about to go to your blog,nak tanya which green tea is the best.thank you.

Ini rumah tak ada football but we just like to change clothes bad my bad.

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