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Today i feel that my badan became so lesu.I exercised a bit earlier on but then the whole afternoon i felt like nak baring aje the whole time.
Urghh.Is it because of the haze that makes me lazy?Takkan kot.Excuses.

Not feeling too good today.


Uncle Lee said…
Hello Ibu, regret to read your batteries not charging....
if you are not, then I suggest you buy Chinese green tea....3 to 5 cups a day not only very good for your health, helps prevent many health problems, but will bring a glow back to your body.

For fast pick-up upper, minum satu glass pure honey mixed with water.....as well one banana.
Bananas one of the fastest battery chargers, ha ha.
Okay, thats my 55 cents worth...if still ta'jalan, go shopping by new shoes.
This 124% sure work charge you up! Ha ha ha.
Have a nice day, keep a song in your heart.
ps, if not sure which Chinese green tea to buy, let me know.
Lol lol lol,thank you Uncle Lee

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