isk bising

I am watching tv but neighbour's house is drilling,renovating their house.Aiyah!! So noisy.Hubby couldnt take the noise he went out already.I am stuck with the noise la .Aiyah,must tahan how long?But nevermind la good neighbour ma!!

Went for my workout already.Now feeling so hungry.What shall I munch?Raisins in the box.Lil one tried some yesterday and she loved it.
Must always remember to keep healthy snacks at home.Haritu wanted to buy almonds but terambik apricot.Apricot good for what eh?

Got loads of laundry to lipat.Aiyah tak de mood jugak!! *dont wanna look at it just  yet* *tutup mata*

Here is one tip for me today :Write down your goal.


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