Sometimes life is good,sometimes its bad. Its how we perceive it is what matters.I have been lacking at exercising and only to begin seriously again for the last 2 days. I have a target to keep on losing the inches eventho I am not losing any pounds. I like when my pants and clothes are loose. It shows that I am losing kan . At this point of age, dah tak boleh lah nak harap to lose big unless I join the boot campers and all which I doubt I will enjoy going to.
Dengan going to gym pun its like pushing myself very hard.
We will see if today I can burn the target calories again.

Before that I need to go settle some errands.
I noticed, money has been flowing out macam air this week.
Last week of the month, pay this pay that.argh!
Was telling hubby, boleh tak 2 tiga hari I tak nak keluar duit:)haha!! Living in kl, tak keluar duit is heaven lah! Pagi pecah duit rm50, by petang sure habis. Urghhh.
The cost of living in Kl.. Too much.

Seronok kalau dapat duduk and tinggal by the beach. Tengok air hari hari and no need to drive anywhere. How nice,my dream!

Okdokes, gonna start my day already.


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