Woke up this morning, hands were freezing...elelel macam duduk overseas pulak. LOL. No la it was the aircon and rained last night kot.
I am washing laundry and doing some cleaning when an idea came to mind. Today I wanna cook for my nephews and parents. Just a dish. With big sister being busy with her husband ,I guess a lil should help. Later will ask Lil sister to come over to big sis house and have lunch there..

Before anything else I must exercise. Love exercising coz my pants and tops are loose. Yipee. I am doing something right right?

Okdokes, gonna go enjoy my nescafe now.

Went to eat, met an old friend, talked a bit about life and hubby and I had a long long talk about some issues and then we headed to the supermarket a few stuffs and headed home...went to the gym . Had a great workout and back home now.

Resting a bit before cooking.


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