3rd n 4th

Yesterday morning I enjoyed my workout session. Sweat like mad and felt good after. After that we rushed to get ready. I promised hubby that I will buy his belated birthday present yesterday. Didn't get to buy during Ramadhan..so we headed to the city center,had our lunch at the foodcourt. Masa tu it was almost 3 I think.. Ha ha. What a late lunch. Finished lunch we had coffee at our favourite place . Lepak sembang. Lil one was watching movies on d laptop. Having her me time without interrupting mommy and daddy's conversation. Then hubby said, jom let's go... So we headed to "toywatch" .Lil one knew where to look for it. He tried on so many before decided on which one he wanted. In the mean time Lil one also asking for a watch.hmmm... She got one as well.
Hubby was so happy because I seldom buy him anything. He doesn't buy like I do so to see him enjoy and appreciate it makes me happy.
At the same ingat I want to get my anniversary handbag, but that can wait:)

After that we headed to my uncle's house. First we thought we're just going to pick up some rendang my uncle made but then we stayed for dinner and coffee and chat. Well, it was an inspiring chat over coffee learning about life and experiences our elders have gone thru in life. Seronoklah hangout. Lil one all the time with the laptop watching her dvd's.

We left quite late because my uncle said, nak rush apa,its the holidays...ok we stayed on and on sampai dekat midnite.

Got home settled Lil one and myself. Sent Lil one off to bed and I was practically sleeping while watching 712.

This morning hubby kelam kabut terkejut bangun. He was LATE for his golf with his best buddies. I thought I wanted to sleep again but now mata dah tak boleh lena. Must wake Lil one up soon if not malam karang leceh nak tidur.
School is starting tomorrow and I don't want her to be late and lack of sleep.

I maybe sending her to her friend's open house after zohor. Biar kasi dia enjoy sikit.

Now I want to clean home and there's so much stuffs to recycle. Baru seminggu I tak recycle tau. Cuti raya.. Ha ha!!


Uncle Lee said…
Hello Ibu, always enjoy reading your down to earth thoughts. Glad to learn you all had a swell time over the hari raya holidays.

Incidentally, drink lots of Chinese green tea since you doing your daily exercises.
If you not be knowing which type, send me telegram, ha ha.

Have fun, and simpan satu lagu dalam hati.
Hi uncle lee,
Just everyday postings by me. Nothing interesting actually,hehe

I ada minum green tea but you can share what brand of green tea you drink.

Today lagu bryan adams dalam hati:)

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