Of coz we had to terlajak the alarm clock... Snoozed it and woke up late. Lucky I made macaroni yesterday and kept some for today's breakfast. Woke Lil one up and found a story book by her bed. She must have been reading last night. I think she's like me, nak tidur either read or watch tv.Unless we are so tired tak hengat.

Went to eat with hubby but the kopitiam we went to, the food dah tak sedap. Isk. Frustrating because it was early and appetite melambung ..ingat makan pagi sedaplah but nooo ... Frust sekejap.

Got back home went for my workout and sweat it out a bit.

Got back upstairs, sidai my laundry and kemas sikit.

I am getting ready for Lunch.. Ha ha!!! Makan makan and makan but I don't feel guity because I have burned some calories just now.

Jazz music is blarring away in the house. Peaceful and calmness. Relax mood. Love it!!
Okdokes!! Later blog!!


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