I couldnt sleep last night.Argghh!!mengantuk but just couldnt,Angin satu badan...
This morning,alhamdulillah senang kejut Lil one bangun pergi school after the long raya break.

After sending her to school,Hubby and I had our usual breakfast.Dok sembang with the makcik niaga lauk tu..he he..

Got back home,I headed to the gym.Satisfied workout.Got back home,cleared few stuffs away.Showered and now I am relaxing on my sofa.

Nak kena buat laundry,aisey,semalam i found one cleaner who does ironing and cleaning home but she's busy for a while.So she'll get back to me when she's free and available.

Oh I need to send baju raya to the dry cleaners and bila dah siap,simpan dalam almari baik baik.

Just now I put a hamper of cookies raya on my coffee table.Sure asal duduk depan tv,will munch on it.

Okdokes.Nak relax!!Shut eye kejap


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