thursday...19th of may already.

Packed food for lil one and now getting ready.

Yesterday was such an easy after school day. I was hanging downstairs enjoying icecream,yeah it was so freaking hot. Lil one finished her homework downstairs.And when we came up, we relaxed the whole afternoon. I love days like this.

I gave the cleaners some of my plastic containers and felt good because my decluttering project is active and going again.
I keep on telling myself LESS IS MORE.
I want to live like living in a hotel. No clutter no mess. Belum sampai lagi ke tahap tu. LOL

Like when sorting and ironing clothes,I put aside the ones that can't fit us nicely anymore to give away. Amazing feeling when the cleaners want your good condition old clothes. They will take whatever pun.

Ok,I have to go now before the traffic begins.


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