collectible items

I found books that I forgot that I had. Maybe today I will take out all the books and put them on one side and sort them out. I used to buy books every week and now I have too many!! I need a ceiling high shelves to put my books. Also I have tonnes of photo albums. I used to developed every single snap but now I have stopped.

And true enough about laundry, they're never ending,the cycle never stops. Even by taking a break during weekends, the stack of laundry is just there ALWAYS!!! must sit down and do before it gets too many as always!

Housework never ends! Isk isk isk

But I have found something to ease my mind thru it aLl. I have found a passion to exercise and workout. I workout everyday, and I am happy doing it.It is something that I cannot miss. The weight is not going down but I can feel the change in my body. Its a great accomplishment for someone who have stopped being active.


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