priorities and typical mentalities

Had a spur of the moment conversation yesterday.

Our culture's lifestyle 

And My stand on family values.

A father should be at home spending time with his kids after working hours.
He should be able to sit down with kids before they go to bed.
Talk and have a conversation.
Not sit down and play with his gadget.
That is not quality time.
He should be able to understand what his kids are.

Not leave everything to a mother.

Yes of course mothers naturally will do all that without being told.

Parenting is a two persons job
Not only for mothers.

I like how overseas most people finish work by 5pm.
Then they go home and spend time with their family.whereas here the style is "go discussion" style.
mamaks are at every corner of a building and they open till late.
so how?

 Families should Spend time cooking and prepare dinner.
Dinners should be sit down at dining table as a family. Not at the mamak shop.

After dinner take part together to clean up.Not always expecting to be served coffee after dinner.
get your butt up and offer to do coffee once a while

Before sending the kids to bed.

Kids need to be interacted to.
They are not robots 

Wife needs assurance too 

Its about choosing the right lifestyle.
Not succumb to typical mentality.

This is a topic i know its hard to talk about because in the end the things you hear husbands/fathers say will only make you angrier.

so typical. Hate it


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