pressure parenting

I always have to watch what I say.
used to be so blunt and forward.
this is my take on parents who are kiasu and kiasi.
i was sitting with a friend , suddenly she said...
" many kiasu parents now a sitting for exams,parents are waiting outside the hall"

What is happening to these kind of parents?
These are my generation tau.
I feel so not at ease that parents yang seem to berlumba to see that their child score the best.
whatever for you become parents like that.
if that is the case, why dont you go and study and compete with your age group.

its not about what your child score .
its about you being there competing.
i will never understand these type of parenting.

its about time you let go.
let your child enjoy schooling.
why want to pressure your child like that?
I for one am not the "norm" parent.

i let my child be a child.
no pressure from me.
main thing my child will have childhood memories.
not remembering the unwanted stress and pressure.
life is about letting your child explore what are their possibilities.
expand their be what they desire to be
not be somebody I chose for them to be.

i will guide them. Not pressure them

you know at schools the topic will be..." who is going to score 5 a's...if a child doesnt score...they will be pushed aside...

why put your child in that situation?

Go back to basics people.

be proud to have a child who has the capability to think outside the proud that someday your child will honestly thank you for the true parent you are.

this is my view.and its my blog.


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