After travelling for so many years and times
 I learned how to appreciate simple living.
I go to countries and see how people live. 
How they design their homes.

I come home feeling inspired and start digging my closet and storage area to minimize it.
I am well in decluttering mode now

I love the part where I am excited to minimise our stuff.
Life is all about not hoarding junks.
To some it maybe junks but to me...its also sentimental value.

Ok I am going to continue cleaning.
Note to self. Less is more



Al-Manar said…
Instead of going places to see foreign cultures/people it is time to concentrate on our own backyards, our country-side and hinterland and the underprevelage. It may be more benefitial. I find this startlingly true.
Hi al manar how are you.
Have done that all my life growing up.
EnjoyeD our pristine greens when there were still so much when I was young.
Every other weekend dad will bring us to enjoy the sawah padi, kelapa sawit plantations,balik kampung and understood what perigi was.helped the underpriviledge that we still do.

Thanks for the reminder altho I seldom write about that.

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