missing the holidays

As usual after we come back from holidays we misses the latest destination.

Last week i went luggage shopping for our next trip

While browsing i checked the long john's as well.

There are a few new kinds and i thought might buy some for the next travels.

I love that feeling

Also waiting for uniqlo winter  clothing seasons to buy some as well.

ahhh i love that feeling

the travelling feeling
the preparing before .love it

ok going to start my tuesday now.


Uncle Lee said…
Hi Ibu, what? You buy Long johns? No need la. Too warm. Just a sweater boleh, wherever you going.
We in Canada with our extreme frigid winters nobody wears long johns...usually just a warm jacket, itu la dia.
Anyway, have fun shopping.
Senang datang.
Ha ha !!!
Because you are so used to it kan

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