I woke up with a foul mood.I wonder why is this hormonal thingy disturbing me every month.I dont like feeling like this.
I need to find a cure for this feeling...it is getting worse every month.I wonder what my Dr would say.Should I go on something to make me less hormonal?I will have to make an appointment to see my Gynae.

The aircon people came to look at our aircon.It needs servicing so we will have to make an appointment for it.Hopefully before the CNY.

Talking about CNY,I wish that we can go to Singapore but the timing is not right.I have a gathering with my old working friends.We try and meet up during the Chinese New Year where everyone goes back kampung to makan besar.I ni aje sibuk jugak makan besar like everyday Makan Besar:)

Went out with Mak and big sissie...Mom shopped today.Usually she'll go shopping and say,I'll think about it first but today she shopped:)

They went for lunch and I came home.
I need to clean and declutter but so not in the mood to do that.


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