5th day

Friday...Last day of school for the first week of schooling week.Wuishhhh penatnya I.
All extra curricular classes have started. Tutoring too.In fact dancing and ballet lessons too.
This year is going to be funfilled with dancing rehearsals for an upcoming show...extra ballet lessons for the upcoming ballet exam in May most probably
Swimming as physical activity..She wants to pick up golf but hubby not too keen so most likely she'll pick up Tennis.We will see how she survives this first month of schooling.

I have just mopped my kitchen,living room and Lil one's room.
I had an early lunch just now before all the mopping:D
Now I'm going to go lie down and enjoy some tv time for a while


Mum and Roses said…
Anak sekolah, mak pun busy... Same here, I'm back to old routines especially on Saturday.
When i come back from work, it's the same tired and busy feeling again. But better than not being busy at all!
Hi Mums & Roses

I guess this is the thing we are.Moms and wife !:)

Kid n hubby is top priority then only ourselves

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