2nd day

Second day of school...Bought a few more books today and masih ada jugak yang tak ada stock so tak apalah tunggu dulu.
After that I made hubby drive me to to makan yongtaufoo:) Pergi post office lepas tu posted some package for Lil one's bestfriend in Kemaman..
Lepas tu ran errands did some other banking ,some registration.

Then I got back home,got online for a while and then felt so sleepy so I baring on the sofa tak tau apa program kat tv,terus lentok.I think for about 45minutes.

Ni dah bangun because dengar sms masuk tadi.
Harini malas nak masak lah.Nanti bawak Lil one tapau something later.

Tonight we're going to gramps ada farewell dinner:)


:)2009 aje mommy tak ke kemaman..tak taulah ada peluang tak 2010 nak ke sana:)

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