Monday 3rd week of school

Monday Morning...Kelam kelibut sikit because hubby leceh sikit nak bangun pagi tadi.Well my Lil one banyaknya ikut perangai hubby when it comes to sleep topic...They can enjoy their sleep like nobody's business...

Suara ingat nak tinggi dah pagi pagi but remembered to istighfar banyak banyak.

Luckily got to school in time.
After that headed to Big sister's house ,had breakfast Briyani from Singapore..yummy,Brother in Law bawak balik malam tadi..sedap sungguh kambingnya,lembut ,senang nak makan.

Helped her bibik with the packing of her boxes and then left for home

Kat rumah,housechores tak banyak nak buat so blog dulu,fb dulu,tweet dulu..he he he

Gonna mop the house a little bit later.

Mom just texted me saying Grandmummy nak belanja lunch.So happy to see them later.

Nanti I take pictures of food k


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