14th and 15th

Sunday Sahur : little sista knocked on my door for quite sometime because we slept at about 3am..ha ha...
Everyone got up ,easily...had sahur berbagai bagai lauk and after sahur all went to suboh and slept after.
I practically slept the whole day and havent done that for a while.Woke up for prayers and slept back till lil one said to me "how come you slept so long"
Upon waking up finally mak said she wanted to go to Pasar Ramadhan so I got ready as well.
We finally went out ,mak,Little sister and my big sister's maid.Dari dalam kereta semua dok pesan to each other,sabar ye tengok food nanti..he he..
We did quite well without wanting to buy everything that we saw..ha ha
We went to giant after that to get our jamu's and they shopped a bit.
Arrived home at about 7.10 pm ,luckily big sister was home to set the table.We just had to hidang whatever that we bought .
Berbuka puasa with the whole family.
Alhamdulillah Lil one berpuasa penuh and seronok tengok dia berbuka with her cousins.Senang sungguh dia berpuasa,alhamdulillah.Tak banyak kerenah pun.
After maghrib,everyone got ready and we pushed off  at about 8 something pm.
Reached kl about 11pm, went to feed my little sister's cat and arrived home at about 12 something midnite.
Luckily on the way lil one slept in the car.
She sambung tidur upon reaching home .

15TH - Sahur  : Lil one had rice and curry ikan and telur mata kerbau.
Hubby and I had oats and he said it was too sweet.So we must get the regular oats later for berbuka.

As of 3.39pm I have cleared the laundry area.Every once in a while i have to clear that place.Well I can never find a solution to make it empty everyday.Since I have tried so many ways,wash daily,wash alternate days,wash weekly...that area sure will be messy or full with dirty laundry.hmmm.Told hubby that I need to get nicer laundry basket.he said,buat apa nak buang duit...kan dah banyak laundry basket.Hmmmm...
Ada a few stuffs dah masuk tempat recycle.Will recycle them later.

Law and Order is on right now.That's one of my favourite tv series.lagi lagi kalau dia marathon,so  happy.

Update at 5.39pm
Getting ready for buka puasa  outside.
Will upload photos later

We went to feed the cats and then we headed for buka puasa .We had Thai today.Hubby and I realised that now a days,we cannot buka too much food.Rasa mengah dah.Dah tua kot.Tak boleh nak makan banyak.Banyak minum air tak apa.
Lil one enjoyed her buka puasa meal and had ice cream after.
Came home I went to the gym.Completed my workout in 45 minutes and now settled .

Hubby said he want burgers for sahur.I shall make Macaroni and Cheese for Lil one.For me,maybe just nestum and kurma.
Goodnight blog


Uncle Lee said…
Hi Ibu, you slept at 3am? Why so late? Ohhh, buka puasa?
Anyway, you keep well, ya.
Have a nice day.
Apa you masak hari ni? Ikan chincharu sumbat sambal?
Ikan masak asam nanas? Ha ha.
he he Morning Uncle Lee...
Slept late the other day with my sister chit chat,talk talk...he he..
belum masak,its just morning here.

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