6th and 7th ....

Was on a saturday and Sunday today.
Lil one fell sick yesterday.Lost her voice and coughing badly.
I guess from the fasting and not enough water.But she said,at school,ramai yang tak sihat.ok.Understood.Just last month she had high fever,flu and cough and now again.Ok,tak apa lah,must get well quickly.

I am starting to clear the clutter.oh there are tonnes of laundry to sort.Aisey Man.Never ending la household duties.If only I could swoop them away and drop them at the laundry,I would be on cloud nine.But I know its a waste of money lah!!!
Eventhough baju yang i dah basuh pun to send to the laundry to gosok is rm1.50 per piece.I'd rather pay me rm1.50 to gosok eventho i hate it so much! I love washing and hanging laundry but to gosok...helloooo....I dont like it one bit.

Where do i put all the containers of stuffs.I am sick watching it in the middle of the house but i dont have anywhere else to hide em.Sabar sabar.

Lil one have been watching movie on the ipad for ages.I will make her get up and clear her room in a bit.

been blog hopping non stop as well...love reading em.


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