I just masak nasi.I also mopped the kitchen.Wanted to wash a load of laundry but then again,let the ones on the ampai,kering dulu.Watching criminal minds and wanting to clean something else.Should I mop the rest of the house since I cannot sleep?
Nasi goreng for sahur
I was deleting pictures from my memory card.Now ada space sikit.I know I should delete all ,but sometimes I just like to switch on the camera and look at photos before snapping the next picture.

Updated at 11.39am
I washed a load of laundry and another one on the way.i cleared hubby's wardrobe.I folded some clothes as well.
I need to sort some paper clutter,ish tak habis habis.
I opened my bookshelves and at the same time wondering about the billy bookcase I want to buy.I am just too lazy to go to Ikea.Lagi lagi today public holiday.
Lil one woke up and said,"Are we going shopping today?" Aish anak daraku itu ada lah benda yang nak dibeli...sure shoes again!:)
I said," i am not too sure,daddy have things today"
Terus monyok muka dia.
Iyelah,kang kalau berjanji dengan dia,kalau tak jadi,sedih pulak tengok dia frustrated so to be safe,i jawab like that dulu.
If hubby changes his mind,off we go...if not maybe weekend aje lah we go shopping.

LAaaa rupa rupanya ada another load of laundry waiting to be washed.Jeans and all that matters.haish!!!

i wanna blog hop for a bit before continuing my housechores.

He's watching that...
2.23PM ....

Buka puasa :We ate nandos today.
After that I went to the gym again.Sweat it out a little .


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