I can smell rice cooking.Well i cooked for sahur.Now watching Suv...

Sahur : nasi and kambing masak apa not too sure. Hubby went out to buy.Lil one had saba fish and rice.

I am washing laundry pagi pagi Jumaat ni...

Stuff to do : Lipat baju later. Pick up kuih raya. Ambik baju raya.Dah siap and settle. Just need to send those for dry cleaning. The house will soon be spotless when I am done with the bookshelf.

Hubby and Lil one was counting down to raya semalam. I was counting down to how many more workout till raya:D yeah yeah gym fanatic I am.

Bought mom's present semalam as well. Might ask hubby to buy ayah's his present when hubby goes to look for his songkok.what shall I get for my sister's?and grandmother? Hmmm..think think. Nak order hamper, dah too late kot.maybe will go to one of the bazaar in the shopping center to look something for them.
10.16am : Picked up raya cookies.
Opened raya hamper and sort them out.

12.20noon.I tried to clean but suddenly the mood dissapeared.urghh!!! dah lah barang barang tu atas lantai.aish!!! mana mood ni?arghhh.

Tv is switched on,laptop is on as well.wind is blowing.The curtains are opened.Maybe I should go to the gym to lift up my mood?Arghh cannot cannot,i must finish clearing all the books on the floor.Told hubby i must get a bookshelf,he said,"haritu kata tak nak beli apa apa furniture lagi dah" just by saying that I dah tak nak beli bookshelf.Good that he reminded me,because I once told him,selagi kita tak ada rumah sendiri,I dont want to change any furnitures,buy new furnitures.I will make do with what I have eventho i need the bookshelf so bad.I have to find a solutionn where to put  those books.Urghhh!!!
Furnitures in this house,I alih sana,I alih sini...keluar masuk bilik...I try to make our living and dining as minimal as possible.Kan tenang jiwa.But I also want the bedrooms to be damai and tenang.Argghhh!!! I should continue declutter.Tak habis habis.Inilah akibatnya dulu dulu shopping tak hingat dunia...arghhh!!!
Apa nak buat so that cleaning mood datang balik?Oh i better google and see...

I managed to clear the books on the floor but now they are on my dining table.ish!! but at least the floor is bare now.
Should be getting ready to go gym in a bit.Its raining heavily outside.Ada lah sikit guruh guruh.
Lil one is watching Sweet Life something .No homework today.

Photo courtesy from google....I wish to have this kind of a bookshelf.That would make me the happiest person
Berbuka outside.After that headed to starbucks delivered cookies.Hung out there and bestlah,lama tak jumpa.

Pst!! I didnt go to the gym today.


Uncle Lee said…
I can smell sambal belachan, ha ha.
ha ha:)sedapnya sambal belacan.long time never make

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