Its passed midnight,I cannot sleep.I am feeling hungry suddenly,maybe can make nestum or oats.
Sahur : Nestum,Rice,Oats..we all had a mixture of that.
I have washed my laundry and dah sidai.
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Saturday morning,after suboh ni I want to sleep.

We woke up at about before zuhur and right after that we proceeded to balik kampung.
The journey was wonderful.Rained nearly all the way.
Reached at about 6.30pm..lepak lepak ,showered all and waited for berbuka puasa

Buka puasa : with our guests from england at home.It was nice catching up with them.We took turn to pray as we didnt want to leave our guests unattended.
After sending them back to their hotel at 11pm,lil sister said she wanted to go for coffee so we accompanied her.I didnt drink any coffee because dah malam kan.

Reached home i ate again and then lepak with little sister till 3am..ha ha!! chit chat over everything ...


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