Sahur : nescafe, tea o nasi, lauk daging goreng

Lil one went straight to sleep right after finishing her sahur. I have washed and emptied my sink and now doing my laundry.hubby didn't want to wake up, he must have slept really late doing his work and makan straight I guess.

I have errands to run and places to go. Have so many things to do before raya. Outside the house and inside too.
I hope I succeed today with the plans that I have made. Oh and I need to send cookies to my bestie as well.

Its the 24th of Ramadhan today. Dah pasang lampu raya ke ?:)

Berbuka : Black Pepper beef and Spinach Soup.
Just Lil one and I.Hubby ada meeting berbuka today.

I went to visit my friend and pass her some cookie raya and was amazed at the beauty of the architecture of the new building in the midst of other condominiums there.Its beautiful and made me wonder....how much it must be.Lil one was asking,"why cant we live somewhere like these" oh she loves beautiful things and when I explained to her those units might cost more than a million ringgit,her mouth went wide opened!! ...heee heee...

Got back home dozed off for a bit.
Oh,I got the chasing lights and lil one is so happy...

Waiting for buka time she's drawing something occupying herself and we're going out tonight to meet up some friend who is leaving the country.

Will update with pictures later.Will see if I can snap a picture of my chasing lights.

Ice blended mocha
went out and had this


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