10th and Books

I havent been reading lately.This morning after sahur,I looked into my bookshelves and found this two books.I am going to read it again and again.Books never fail to bore me.

Sahur : Lauk beli semalam,nasi panas,Teh o  and nestum

I went to the gym before buka puasa...alhamdulillah managed to sweat it out.

Favourite everyday,roti jala

Masak Lemak ikan i am not sure

Daging kicap

Watching tv while waiting Lil one to go to bed.



Uncle Lee said…
Hello Ibu, is that your dapur in header ? Beautiful!
And ya, reading good books helps improve knowledge as well language or English.

A book takes you to places where we have never been or experience.
Incidentally if got nothing better to do, check out on Youtube this Canadian made TV series, produced and directed by a lovely Canadian Muslim lady.

Titled, 'Little Mosque on the Prairie'. It is really a pechah perut, hilarious comedy about the misunderstandings between Muslims and others.

Its more popular than most other programs, very popular in US too.
Suggest you if see, start from the beginning, you'll really enjoy the show.
Have a nice day, Ibu.
I wish it was my dapur Uncle Lee,A girl can always dream.

Oh i know books can take us places.Its soothing and calming to be able to enjoy reading.

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