Sahur: Late...rushed made burgers and macaroni and cheese.
Sakit gigi.

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update : 3.47pm
Sent some laundry to the cleaners,washed some and packing some for hubby to send to his cleaners.
Moved stuffs in the house so that it doesnt clutter our little space.Checked my bookshelves and rearrange some books.
Now watching Law and Order but my mind is thinking what to do next.Music is playing at the other part of the house.
Clothes what else is new need to be folded.urghh!!!

Told hubby to buy food for berbuka and sahur,i will masak nasi and goreng telur.Oh i need to do grocery shopping ,maybe weekend.

Well hubby earlier said,just get ready,not buying anything for berbuka today..lets makan luar.I was contemplating because I didnt want to be late for my workout session.But then again he said,teringin nak makan steak.Ok lah..ikut jugak.

Updated at 11.46pm...

I love the Dijon Mustard

They both love this drink ice lemon tea

Delicious chicken sausages

My lamb chop

Tak sempat nak snap hubby's food.Hee hee


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