Sahur : Lauk semalam.
I had a dream last night about ayah. I hope he is in pink of health . Will call him later today.
Today I think I want to rearrange furniture . And sort out old clothes to be donated. Planning to buy some new clothes for us this raya but some old clothes must go. Hopefully I have the mood to sort lah.
I feel like going to Ikea, will see if that happens today.Bulan puasa ni malas betul nak keluar siang hari. Weather is too hot. If it doesn't happen today will ajak hubby one of these days.

Yesterday chit chat with a good friend on bbm, long time never see her and haven't been to her new place since she moved. We've made plans for raya visiting. And I don't know when we're going to try buka puasa at one of our club.People said the spread is good.
Aish. Macam macam nak buat, macam macam nak try.. Tapi just don't know when yet.
Ok,gotta go for my morning routine.

Updated at 1.54pm..I was cleaning and found this in my diary from the 80's...Lol...Where those times,we still cut and paste or hang our favourite band's picture on our wall...
Now a days, in the 2000's on the wall in lil one's bedroom,its Justin Bieber's poster...he he so cute!!
She's not at the age yet to cut and paste the pictures of her favourite superstars into her diary or scrapbooks.
Ahhh down memory lane.I thought of my friend from back then...1985 specifically.Where is she I wonder.She and I used to be crazy over these bands...ahhh ,nice childhood growing up memories.

As of 5.48pm,its dark .Its raining heavily .Can hear the guruh and all.
Lil one tak ada homework today so she is relaxing watching something cody?ha ha...

I am thinking of going for another round of workout before buka.I shall siapkan everything before I go and sweat it out a bit before berbuka with rice.

Roti Jala a must everyday
Ini lauk berbuka
Kuey teow goreng

Sweet and Sour Fish


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