Its the 11th of ramadhan already.
Esok the 12th lil one's baju raya siap . Shall pick them up next week.Coz will be very busy this couple of days.. And weekend ni pun busy.

I don't plan to buy anymore stuffs for me as I have 2 pairs of baju raya already. Well maybe just shoes...we stopped shopping like we used to. This year baru I started tempah baju raya again. A few years back. I recycled my baju raya. He he
Just buying clothes for Lil one as she is growing and in need of new clothes.

Oh and about duit raya, this raya... Will give everyone equally. Cousins, anak sedara and friends kids,semua same amount.raya packets hubby belum dapat. I saw cute raya packets from Harrods haritu.. So cute.. Wondering if I should get some. Hmmm..
Kuih raya I've ordered some for mom, for friend down under Malaysia.. We're planning on visiting soon. Everything will be decided next week.

Compressor rosak,dah ditukar baru

 Tadi as I was walking to recycle the stuffs ,met one of the ladies(neighbour) she asked me what I was doing..I said recycle lah..he he and she asked again,tak pergi gym ke?I said later before berbuka...she went like Waaaa...Can is it?I said,I do as far that I can...
She's enjoying her time at the gym and I am cleaning my house now.Felt so good recycled stuffs just now,one of the cleaners came by looking at what i was doing and helped ...and I gave aways some kiddie stuffs.

I have just mopped Lil one's room,tadi orang buat aircon messed up the place.
Music is playing in the kitchen.Tv is switched on and I am sitting down by the coffee table depan tv with the laptop.Looking at clothes that need to be sorted out.Haish!!!
Courtesyof google too

Courtesy of google.....I need to do my laundry in a bit

Lol,I didnt do any laundry today:D

Berbuka : We had Saba fish,Fish with Ginger and beef sukiyaki oh and chocolate bars

I am watching tv


Uncle Lee said…
Hi Ibu, waaa, baju raya da siap? Baju kurung, sarong kebaya?
By the way, Chinese new year the duit is wrapped in red paper.
What about Malay people? What you wrap in?
And do you go to bank mintak tukar new notes?
The best perfume in the world is called, 'new money', ha ha ha.
Have fun....da beli tu Jimmy Choo kasut? Handbag?
ha ha Uncle Lee...
Baju simple saja.
For raya,we always put the money in green packets provided by the banks or shopping center and we always have duit baru too.Oh and I So agree its the best perfume ha ha
itu jimmy choo kasut tidak mampu lah...maybe a handbag will make me happy tho
TQ for visiting my blog uncle lee:)have a nice day

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