Sahur: Lil one had sahur in bed,mummy being very early and kesian tengok she cannot wake up from bed.

It was another story all together waking hubby up.Dekat 15 kali kejut bangun taknak bangun but then bangun buat terkejut..he he

Waiting for suboh and then i shall nap a bit before morning routine begins.
We're almost half way through
Cleaning the house.So many things to recyle still.I wish i have help right now.Not that I cannot do it but for someone to do it for me when i dont have the mood would be nice.Hubby asked,"Do you really need one" i answered,"not really,I can do it just that when I dont feel like it the house will be in a mess...when i have the mood,it will be spotless"
Just hope they understand that sometimes I just dont have the mood.I am not a robot who cleans like no one's business.
But today i feel like cleaning.and yesterday too

Today berbuka at home.Hubby bought lauk.Ayam percik,asam pedas and some kuih muih.
Hubby is watching dvd,Lil one is drawing in her room.I shall get the table ready before heading to the gym.

Berbuka : Ayam percik,roti jala,asam pedas,teh bunga,telur goreng,spring roll,kurma oh and Lil one had icecream too
Berbuka just at home.

I didnt get to take any pictures today:)


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