We bungkus nasi goreng ikan masin ,padprik and tomyam for sahur

I am watching Criminal Minds and waiting to fall asleep.

Earlier on I was googling on properties for sale.bukan nak beli but to find ideas what beautiful homes look like...Actually more to inspire me to redecorate my home...banyak jugak ideas dapat and googled on some other sites as well ...to decorate a small living space needs a lot of decluttering and giving away stuffs.
So dah google tu semua,dah inspired.So tunggu apa?Nak start la but can wait till tomorrow lah.

I couldnt sleep last night.Naik angin satu badan.Teruk jugak nak baik,I asked ALLAH,please let this pain go away as I want to sleep for a while and I did,syukur alhamdulillah.

The whole day today ,we spent at home.
We went to buka outside,had oglio spaghetti both hubby and Lil one ,one plain and the other one seafood and I had tapas.YummY!!
After that I surveyed a few stuffs for Lil one and headed to the pharmacy to buy vitamins for hubby and I.Then i headed to the supermaket to buy vege and beef to masak for sahur.


Uncle Lee said…
Hi Ibu, ini la saya suka, nasi goreng and salt fish.
I have always love salt fish, especially that ikan sepat, and that ikan kurau, I think from Kuantan.
Everytime we have relatives visit us from Malaysia, I get them buy that ikan sepat salt fish.

Betul sedap best tu....add sambal belachan?
Habis cherita! Malam tidur kalau Saloma panggil pun ta'dengar, arhaaaa ha ha.
ha ha ha!!! uncle lee!!! kalau sudah malaysian tekak,mana pegi pun mesti mau ikan masin and sambal belacan..ha ha !!!good one.
Even my lil one can eat nasi goreng ikan masin

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