8th ramadhan Sahur and Buka

Sahur : spinach soup, cod fish fingers,  and nasi panas. Sambal on the side.

I couldn't sleep because of the earlier ice blended so I just decided to get up and godek what's inside the fride/freezer.Now everything is ready, I shall go try and sleep and put my alarm for 5am.I didnt snoozed the alarm this morning.

I went to look for buka.Lil one chose her favourite again...roti jala

And this sayur is my favourite

This one my favourite

As I am uploading pictures on here i thought of these,we had these at batu feringghi during our trip haritu...Ya ALLAH sedapnya...

And I went on these for 50 minutes today.Alhamdulillah.Syukur.
Watching Law and Order now,Lil one have gone to bed.


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