Slow down...

Some steps to taking life slow...enjoy every bit of the minutes there is...
We must learn to take a step back and enjoy life,every minute of it...
We rush thru things every part of the day where as we should just take it slow.
I am to be blame too but part of me always rushing things especially in the morning because I dont want them to be late for their things.I cannot just let them be late but i know its their responsibility to be ontime.
I must take a step back and just let them be,but can i do that?Errr...
Maybe towards the evening i can slow down but in the morning i know i have to always rush them...he he

When I google and read on stuffs like that I like because it reminded me of my childhood.Always playing after schoolNO Rush on anything.No stress over homework all the time but now a days,school is so stressful.I dont quite agree but still have to finish and settle homeworks first before anything else.
I trained lil one to finish her homework as soon as she comes home from school because after that is playtime!!Must play no matter how old you are.Play or draw,do art or play what you must,but you must play!

I try my best to be the best mom for her.We do have our little fights.I guess every mom goes through that once in a while.Sometimes I feel we are like meow meow and woof woof..always bertekak...but not always lah...we have our moments .Most of the time we are alright.
WE just have to remind ourselves to take it slow and enjoy life!

Hubby bought these for Lil one


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