Balik rumah,settled Lil one and I had my fiber.I am so hungry now!!
Hubby went out to buy sahur.Laparnya.Perut growling.
Its raining heavily outside and I am watching Grey's Anatomy.

Have errands to run pagi esok.Nak kena bayar fees itu ini before cuti raya nanti.

Due to drinking my fiber drink ,best betul pergi toilet pagi ni.
Weather is gloomy outside.
My friend is dropping by to pick up raya cookies.
Lil one doesnt wanna wake up for class.Hmm..

I have tonnes to do today.Dalam rumah,luar rumah.

updated at 1.21pm

My friend dropped by just now and we chit chat for over one and a half hours.We talked about peace and tranquility .

Its amazing alhamdulillah to have her in my life and we have the same beliefs.To reach ketenangan ,its not easy but once you've reached it..it is amazingly beautiful.Its like everything that you own in your heart and soul is the best ketenangan anyone can ask for...Its not about material stuffs...its the inner you..Alhamdulillah.
She asked me,what gives me happiness.
I said,with the peace and ketenangan and stress free life i have,i bersyukur.She was quite surprised .Yeah its not easy.She is one lady friend that I look up to.Sentiasa bersyukur,always comes out from her mouth.
Thank you my dear dear friend
She's a little older than I am so i always turn to her and always be there to listen too.Insya ALLAH god willing,our friendship will last forever.

Got upstairs,lil one was watching movies on the laptop,with hubby's permission,nasib baik.
When it comes to computer,i am still old school.She is only allowed to use with supervision.

oklah,i want to do some work and then get ready.Nak buat itu ini today.

went out to settle stuffs and then got back home.Went to the gym and then got ready for buka.After that we hung outside.I went to pharmacy to get my vitamins but they're out of it. so lepak for  a while and headed home.


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