5th Ramadhan and my favourite machine:)

This machine have been my bestfriend for nearly a year....The first time I tried exercising on this machine,I only lasted 2 minutes and semput after.And after vigorous everyday workout,I can last about 110 minutes on it.
On good days,i can do that...
On not so good days,i do it 60 minutes in the morning and 50 minutes in the evening.

 sahur : woke lil one up for sahur,mata tutup but then she saw the ipad..makan sambil tgk ipad.ok lah,asalkan makan...

I heated up the lauk hubby bought yesterday.Kejut hubby bangun,he menggeliat..aik..Lil one dah bangun,daddy belum lagi.
Finally he woke up after a few minutes...

I have cleared the table and dishes are in the sink.Shall wash it when i get up to get ready.

It is 12 something.Hubby just mentioned if we are to follow him out berbuka outside today,we are to leave the house by 5 pm.Iyelah living in Kl,the traffic is horrendous,so we must get out early.
Lil one sure will be excited when she finds out later:)

I must get my butt up and fold my laundry.Hmmm banyaknya nak lipat

It is getting dark and it is just 2.4opm.Akan huja lagi kah today?Will 5 pm be too late to go out for our journey to city center?

I was googling some sites just now about burning fat food and building muscle food.
I am so inspired watching the reruns of Biggest Loser on 702. I want to lose weight and look good.This I had been feeling for nearly one year ago.Everysince I was determined to lose weight,feel good and look good,I started gym.I went everyday.Started off with morning and night gym...then only one time a day.But I felt so guilty when I go only once.I know,i wonder too,"Have i turned into a gym freak?"Entahlah,apa apa pun I felt so good with the sweat and hard work.But never changed my food intake.I simply love rice,I thought since I am exercising I can eat all the rice I want.But I dont think so.I stopped taking sugar and creamer for a while and substitue it with low fat milk and equal but then I got on again with sugar and creamer.Ok I must do something about it.I felt so yucky watching biggest loser when they showed how much sugar intake these people have been consuming their whole life...Urghhh...I dont want to be like that.
I need to stop consuming sugar and creamer with my nescafe.I must change it instantly.
I am currently reading on food ...For my grocery list.I need to change what i buy every weekend.
Hubby thinks he's not overweight but I think he is.I have been asking him to join me at the gym,but belum terbukak pintu hati dia.Surprising,because when I met him,he was fit and bulky badan dia,He used to workout and did weights.

I will not stop asking him to join me.Maybe I will buy him workout clothes and shoes?he he

Here's the list!!!Burn fat food!!
  1. oatmeal
  2. almond and other nuts
  3. protein poweder
  4. olive oil
  5. berries
  6. eggs
  7. beans and legumes
  8. lean meat or fish : tuna and salmon
  9. whole grains
  10. organic peanut butter
  11. green vegetables
  12. avocado
From today onwards,this will be in my grocery list

I got this from belly-fat-foods

Lil one is doing her homework and she is excited already because hubby told her that we are breaking our fast in the city center.
I have been watching tv..he he.Hubby said,aik...mentang mentang connection laju...laptop ni dok switched on 24 hours ke?

buka puasa : we had oglio seafood


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