Tips for myself

I was googling and found this.I am not sure if its a good idea,but i guess with all the food we have been eating for berbuka and sahur,this is a good try.

Takut baju raya tak muat nanti:)Must always perform proper crunches at least 3 times a week to train your abs.
Day 7 berbuka : Yummy!!

Seldom nak makan at CB because its getting to be so mahal.Just that Lil one loves the pasta there.And she finishes her meal everytime so I guess,for her once or twice a month boleh lah.

These yummy ice blended,musnt drink often.Isk!!!


Uncle Lee said…
Hi Ibu, janga takut....women too slim ke kurus don't look nice bila pakai sarong kebaya.
Macham Formula 1 race car. Ha ha.
Must look like BMW or Mercedes or Porche sports cars.

If you are not already, suggest you drink 3 to 5 cups of Chinese green tea.
It helps take away the oily foods in well keeps you looking young and healthy.
If you need the names or which type to beli, send me telegram, or I ask Katrina to bring over.
Have a nice day.
HAHA uncle Lee!!!
I know green tea is good , but belum ada stock di rumah.which is good?katrina tak payah hantar. Saya sendiri beli ...hahaha
And yes, saya belum cukup slim ... Must work on it:)

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