One Year Ago...

This was the day we bertolak untuk mengerjakan Umrah.We went 13 of us.My parents bawak us his kids,menantus,cucus and also uncle and wife.
Betapa seronoknya mengenangkan pergi umrah beramai ramai.
We didnt know what to expect bringing children with us because before that we went, belum ada suami and anak:)

It was a fullfilling trip for all of us,alhamdulillah.
We stayed at Al Safwah in Makkah..Just a few steps away from Masjidil Haram.
At Madinah we stayed at Elaf Taiba..just a few steps away from Masjid Nabawi

Ya ALLAH how I miss being there.

My daughter and nephews finished their Umrah just 40 minutes before Suboh.They were very tired but didnt complain not at all,alhamdulillah


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