Today we all woke up late.After suboh I decided to sleep for a little while longer but then terbabas sampai pukul 11 pagi...Didnt feel bad coz Lil one pun not feeling so well.So skip school on tak sihat basis I dont quite mind.
Hubby asked me just now,"Aik yang, you ingat today Sunday ke?" hehehe I asnwered tak larat la yang...and he just smiled at me.
Lil one asked me too "How I come I tak pergi school?" "Aik...semuanya ibu salah ke?"
Lil one just giggled running into her room to watch tv ...Mentang mentang tak sihat,enjoy dia tengok tv...he he
Before hubby went to work just now,sempat tu mintak pocket money Lil one.
Dia kata ,haish tak pergi school pun nak pocktet money ke?I jawab...SEMESTINYA:)And dah ambik duit tu,lupa pulak nak kiss kiss hubby ...
opps sorry Dear!
We both have makan .She have mandi and its my turn now

After zohor nak keluar sekejap to find presents and go to class.


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