Ate out tonight

Went out for dinner .Used the card/voucher that my gramps gave me for my birthday last year.We ordered sambal petai and sweet and sour fish with rice for both of us.Lil one had chicken chop.
After that we browsed jalan jalan at the supermarket.
You know I have this thing.Whenever I bring along my green bag,i never shop and when I dont bring it along I always have something to buy.Aperla punya kepala..ha ha so just now I browsed for product yang dapat bag free so that I dont have to pay for the plastic that they charge for 10cent a plastic bag.I rather not pay for plastic tau.I'm turning green right!!

Went to the card shop to buy a birthday card for a cousin in law down undahh...Got a cute lil one and edited it a bit and its good to go by tomorrow...hihi:)

Came back home,hubby dropped us off .I got Lil one showered and head to bed.Her room is so cosy,she said "My room like hotel,so sejuk and my bed is so cosy with all my softies"...:)

I am typing this...heading for the bathroom in a bit too.

Ada gambar food,later ya..


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