Pagi tadi went out with hubby for breakfast.Makan maggi goreng,sedap coz this guy at the mamak shop pandai goreng mee and maggi goreng.Kering and yummy.
Back home,hubby is getting ready to go to work and I am relaxing with the laptop on the floor.
Baring sambil type ni boleh?:)

Today is Monday,second week in the second month of the year.Cepat sungguh masa berlalu.
This weekend,CNY...jalan di kampung sure pack but we're going back anyway.Lil one dah over excited knowing we're going balik kampung.Pagi tadi on the way to school Lil one asked ,"So when do we pack?" "We have to pack early and go back early" She loves going back to my hometown because she gets full attention from Atok and Wan.
And Atok and Wan pun punyalah melayan cucu perempuan yang seorang ni...

I am not sure if I want to clean today.:)


mamasita said…
Hai..good morning! Kampung you kat mana?
I pun LOVE Maggi goreng..
Try kopitiam punya egg soup with fried wanton balls..pun sedap..they use maggi mee..

Wah..balik kampung yer..syoknya!

p.s. Tak payah clean today..minus a few chores! Do one or two only!
Hi Mamasita,welcome to my blog.Kampung I kat utara:)
Enjoy your monday

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