Semalam petang went to my big sister's house for Tea...Sedapnya makan goreng pisang yang lembut and yummy.
Lil one took her guitar along so that she can learn notes from her abang saudara but the boys were busy playing outdoor with their friends.

3 of us sisters hung out and chat , enjoyed the goreng pisang and apple crumble my big sister made.

After that we all went out seperate ways.

Hubby wanted to go to Klcc to get his perfume but I said ,"We're hungry,I think we should just go and eat" so we went and spoilt ourselves with Korean Food.Its not a regular thingy.Its something that we all look forward to.

Now both of them are still sleeping.
I am cleaning the house.Hish banyaknya barang.

Dunno what time they'll get up.Need to go and send something to my Lil sister and have breakfast or brunch with her before leaving for our kampung..


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