a blog page which made me cry.

Today I stumbled on a blog about a husband who took care of his wife
We can never see this everyday and when I found the post of this man on another blogger's post.
I read and I cried.
How much he loved his wife and how eventually he stopped working to care for his sick bedridden wife.
I cried a lot.
It touched me very deep.
May ALLAH bless him for being such a wonderful husband to his wife.
I read a few posts from him and I have bookmarked his blog page.
Eventhough his wife has passed away I will continue reading his blog to become a better person myself.

His late wife is one lucky woman to have found a true husband in him.

I hope he doesnt mind me sharing his story here

He is Abil and his wife is Fauziah/gee

When you read his blog you can cry because of all the things he went thru he could still cheer himself up by writing and blogging and to Abil I salute you man and to arwah gee I pray you rest in peace now and al fatihah.


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