motivated again...

Just had to pushed myself harder to exercise and it happened. Went to the gym in the morning, met these 2 aunties and they were chatting happily, I pun join I just exercised for half and back home,kononnya nak continue spring cleaning, heh tak menjadi... Cuma menyusun barang ke tepi dinding then I headed to the gym again.seronok sangat because the gym was empty. I did some weights and stretching before going on the machine.listened to maroon 5 hit song and worked out like mad.enjoyed it so much. Happy sangat coz mood datang balik.

Went out after and ate some spaghetti to recover balik .

I also managed to pack up hubby's laundry yang nak dihantar ke cleaners, hopefully by tonight the pickup/delivery guy will come and collect.hubby will be settling that.

Lil one tengah dok baca story book tu...

Washing some laundry... Waiting for svu to come on and the night begins.


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