this and that on a sunday!!

watched dvd last night and I totally forgot the story line. Woke up very early today. Went to the kitchen and felt a sense of calm because one side of the kitchen counter top is spotless.The other side is a nightmare. Made myself some nescafe and sat down enjoying and wondering why am I up so early on a sunday. Today I can remember my dream vividly.banjir or some sort.

Hubby is up too. He said the house is too cold. La.tutuplah tak..selimut bertimbun :p haha.
I am contemplating should I go to sleep again after suboh or just get ready and head to the gym? I think I need a personal trainer but that's so expensive to be thinking about now.Want hubby to train me but he is still at that denial stage himself.. He was telling me yesterday,if he starts gym again,lecehlah..the food he takes in is lain and I said so be it. Let's change our food together and let Lil one see that by eating healthy, we make a difference. I hope very soon to succeed with the pujuking hubby to start exercising again.He needs to sweat it out like I do. Golf,you don't sweat as go on buggy and pukul bola and hop on the buggy again.:p

You know you are losing weight or building muscle when you can feel your neck bones sticking out a little and you can feel the bones at your shoulder. I am so happy. I just need to manage my eating habits.They said cut the rice. Hubby said,rice is ok. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Fish . And munch on nuts. I have yet to buy almonds and the sort because it is expensive. I only recently bought the special K cereal and try consume that once a day. It says ,you can see results in 14 days. Heh!

On the home front, getting minimal by the day. Living room is just tv and sofa. Soon it will one less sofa and I can rearrange the house again. Would love to change the curtains of the living room and the masterbedroom..but $$ need to be used on other matters first. Also dreamed of changing the tv set in the masterbedroom and give away the bagak tv in there. Soon kot, sabar..insya ALLAH if ada rezeki lebih, bolehlah tukar a few things... I am just trying to cozy up the house. Little by little its ok

School holidays is coming,less than 30 days away. Cepat je masa berlalu. Feel that it was just new years. My bestie and I have planned activities for our lil one.In fact as they grow older they make their own plans and we mommies just need to execute the plan. Soon enough they will be big enough to go out on their own. Cannot imagine when they start asking to go out on their own.

ok,its sunday I think I should wash the laundry before heading to the gym.

Happy Sunday.


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