This morning I woke up with a flu. Aiseyman! Another round of sickness ke? I have taken garlic pill before anything else. Oh I should consume some manukah honey. Yeah. Go traditional first before heading to the clinic if it gets worse.

Apart from that I am reading on minimalism. The true fact of that will undoubtedly give me a sense of satisfaction.
Yeah too many clothes, in the cupboard and outside is not the way to live. I must stick to the rule one in one out. But not in the mood yet.

Hubby have been busy for the past couple of days and Lil one too.
We are planning activities for Deepavali holidays week. Must organise a playdate with besties.
And soon enough,raya haji will be here.

Talking about raya haji, I have a couple of friends leaving for haj this coming week. Doakan semoga mereka pergi dengan berkat dari ALLAH subana wataala..semoga mereka pergi dan kembali dengan selamat.
I pray for them. Insya ALLAH everything goes well.

Okdokes,hubby is picking me up. Going for lunch before heading to the shop. Need to get some stuffs.basic needs.
P/s : didn't workout today..hihi lazy!


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