been so lazy for the past couple of weeks. very lazy infact that I bother to do my Laundry. its a mess but I just wanna do it. when it comes to sweeping the floor I am fine, will do it eeryday. but Laundry, cis! memang tak suka lah.

Holidays is just round the corner. In my heart of course I want to go places but nampak gayanya macam tak ada.so apalagi? spring clean rumah la. Just to kep myself busy. Just to go with the flow,less is more. Been doing that for a couple of yars already and I am proud to say its getting less actually.
We do not really need stuffs to b content and happy. we just ned to be happy with what we have and make full use of every item that we have.

Ok now I am getting ready for everyday routine.
Sudah ku choba untuk mengemas rumah tapi mood malas masih ada.
Sudah ku choba pandang ke lain, masih terasa untuk mengemas tapi malas.

I shall just close the curtain and watch movies lah.tak mau feel guilty lah! just enjoy and relax.


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