november it is

Just checked hubby's wardrobe to clear away, to fold cantik and kemaskan stuffs inside there. Its almost empty. Waiting for his clothes to come back from the laundrette. I am washing clothes too. Checking clothes on the dryer to see if we are using everything. The ones that stays in the wardrobe and tak keluar pakai langsung .. Should be donated right? How la to donate,its my baju Kahwin..hehe..that I will never ever will fit in ever again. Should I keep it? Hmmm

Holidays is coming in 2 and a half weeks. I don't know why, but everytime the holidays is round the corner, I want to declutter. I must sit down once and for all to sort the paper junks. Other part of the house is as minimal as it can be. But behind the doors,there's containers with junks inside. I hide them so I tak pening kepala. But I guess if I sort them out, I will have that area as an empty space kan?

Kitchen cabinets need to be decluttered too. Too many things in the cabinet and out, I don't like.

My collage, I must sit down and do collage again. Too many photos that is kept in a box. Must see to it pretty soon.

Wish me luck on trying to sit down to clear some of it today.


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