an accomplishment

growing up, I love rice too much. even when I was 10 years old I started eating sambal belacan. Suka sangat makan dengan nasi.. untill 2011 last day, I eat rice twice a day but since 1st jan 2012 I cut down my rice consume to once a day.. Its day 14 and going strong. 
Just pushing myself really .with everyday workout, I hope I can hed some kilos away.
Makin tua ni makin susah nk kurus so I will try hard to change my eating habits.Nak ikut sangat recipe biggest loser, my tekak cannot. still nk cari nasi
Tak pelah,slow n steady
Lil one is still sleeping, hubby dok tengok dvd tu.
I nak buat housework n get ready to go out.


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