long time no see

been a while since blog.
Miss it actually but problem with the internet connection at home makes me stayed away a while.
To go out and bring the ipad, beratlah. so memang tak bawak kluar pun.
The second week of January almost gone, here comes the third week. I  have been busy with my workout session. feeling so inspired off late.so layan aje lah.
School days, not doing anything much,just after school try and sit down with Lil one ad discuss about her school work. we research,we discuss . its fun.After that we play outdoor or she'll ed up playing with barbie dolls:) and we try to settle early on a school night, like to have enough sleep fr school.
Oh apart from that I have been spring cleaning. we donated a lot of books and knick knacks. I love the after feeling. feels lighter. with not too many stuffs berselerak.
Well actually I am heading into te minimalist way..wish me luck.
I miss reading my blogger friends updates. tak apalah sabar bila ada connection nanti I will read up.
Have  good weekend you all.


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