I didn't know

Yesterday after so long ,I hung out with little sister and her friends. I forgot how nice carefree can be.My little sister looks happy being surrounded with her friends.these are her friends that she goes marathon with and also to the islands for their yearly vacation... They laughed,made jokes and giggling all the time.and as evening came the table grew bigger...cool!
Teringat pulak masa zaman I muda2 dulu,in my hometown growing up asal petang aje we will gather at this one shop, makan minum and bergelak ketawa...those were the days...fun and happy to be young.

Malam pulak,we went bed shopping...I didn't know that tilam can be so mahal...we chose the cheapest of course.browsed for cadar as well but take Ada yang berkenan di hati so the delivery date set and one of us must be at the new place for the arrival of all the newly purchased furniture.

After that we went to eat Siamese food.
While there hubby sketched a drawing for little sister to pass to her Id.

Little sister and I discussed about all the essential stuffs for our moving in date.about food to order for the upcoming kenduri all the while bbm'ing ayah and big sister...

Today is a holiday. After I have workout I will come home to declutter my stuffs. Co currently reading a blog titled "from pack rat to a minimalist" to inspire me to minimalise our lifestyle.
It's enlightening to read how people can do that...so I am forcing myself. God help me please.

Okdokes ,off to the gym before they wake up.


Uncle Lee said…
Hi Ibu, just dropped by say hello.
I enjoyed reading your this posting....you write well.
Have fun, Ibu and keep a song in your heart.
Hi uncle lee, long time no see, hope u are well

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